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Working in sports management involves taking a part in several different aspects of service for clients, in a field that has the option for different types of specializations. Those interested in earning a degree or completing a certificate course in sports management will have the opportunity to decide on a specialization area that will best suite their area of expertise. Here we’ll take a look at what you can do with different types of formal education degrees and how you can get started in this high paying career field.

Certificate and Diploma Programs

The certificate or diploma programs for working in sports managing are very similar in coursework but the core classes and program titles will vary. These programs are designed to prepare a student for management qualifications in the field or it can work as a form of continuing education for those working professionals. These qualifications will allow a graduate to work in an entry level position in a state or federal park, fitness club or rehabilitation center. A student that is enrolled in a certificate program will learn about the legal aspect of sports recreation and management, advertising techniques, effective marketing skills, fitness, first aid and common business practices. Some of the other courses in a diploma program will include sports and public relations, sports administration, the science of exercise, hospitality law, law and risk management, event and arena management, agent practices, marketing, and personnel management.

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Certificate or diploma programs can typically be completed in six to twelve months, with the enrollment requirements for the program including the student having a high school diploma or GED and being at least 18 years of age.

Some of the popular career options with this type of formal education can lead to positions working as a cruise ship recreations director, fitness program manager, rehabilitation assistant, tour guide or youth facility manager.

Associate’s Degree Programs

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field can also find degree programs for the associate of science in business administration or the associate of business science in managing for sports. The concentrated areas of study for these programs will focus on management and accounting skills in addition to marketing in the sports industry. Students will have the ability to explore different aspects of the sports industry in regards to media attention, team travel, hosting events and business ethics.

The associate’s program will offer the ability for a student to learn how to utilize business management skills in the sports industry, which can include retail equipment sales, amateur team management, youth sports, government sponsored facilities and professional organization management. A student will also have the ability to explore such issues as ethics and principles of business and media sports coverage.

To qualify for enrollment an applicant will need to have a high school diploma and a background in English or math.

This degree program is typically two years in length, with an internship being part of the required courses at some colleges. This allows for the student to learn by classroom instruction while also earning real world experiences that can allow them to network with industry professionals in hopes of future employment opportunities.

Applicant for this program will be required to take courses in general education liberal arts, science, social sciences and math. Courses for the associate’s program may include athletic management, business communications, general accounting, and introduction to management in the sports industry, general accounting, and principles of economics, sports media, marketing fundamentals and societal issues within the sports industry.


Those graduating from an associate’s program will be qualified for entry level positions in the athletic industry and will be able to pursue positions within professional sports franchises, sports media industries, sporting good merchandising companies or other types of sports related positions. Some of the available job titles for the graduate will include media consultant, athletic marketer, sporting events manager, sports marketing assistant and youth facility sports manager.

Graduates will be eligible for management level positions in the industry should they pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration on management within the sports industry. Professionals in this field can also further their education and employment opportunities by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as recreation management, sports administration and sports marketing.

Master’s Degree Programs

A master’s degree in this field can help a graduate to ensure they have the necessary skills in economics, business administration, psychology, law, marketing, and finance and client communications.  This program can lead to a career as a publicist, sports marketer or manager.  Coursework for this program will include legal aspects, operations and management, sponsorships, entertainment law, deal making negotiations and entertainment finance.

Career opportunities with this type of formal education are very diverse. The graduate of a master’s degree program will be eligible for employment for management positions for semiprofessional or mainstream professional teams. A graduate can also find employment in the distribution and retail field for sporting goods. Event planning, facilities manager, or recreations director in a fitness center are also additional career possibilities.

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Working in this field will require the student to learn all the aspects of the sports industry, pertaining to their area of interest

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